Based on the historical and philosophical impact of «Standards» implementation, in recent times, it is concluded that «Technical Standards» applied for the safety and quality assurance in Production, Industry and Technology development, are similar to common «Social Laws», necessary for a balanced social structure and the evolvement of market competition.

However, important elements that differentiate «Technical Standards» from «Social Laws» are «quantification» and «measurability», two factors that play a significant role in making «Technical Standards» widely, and universally, accepted in this new era, principally based on global technical codes, common concepts and symbols of arts and sciences, the so called «Normativity Framework».

In Nowadays context, Inspection and Certification Bodies represent reliability and objectivity on which the operation of International institutional normativity framework is principally based, aiming to the assurance of consumer’s safety and quality in the production chain.

Swiss Approval International Group of Companies is progressively constituted over the last 15 years, as a result of knowledge unification and integration between different companies, in different Countries, with an enormous experience in the fields of Inspection and Certification services.

Swiss Approval International is a world leader in the field of Technical Inspection and Certification sector, incorporating experience, scientific expertise, innovation and technical know-how, principally in the area of South East Europe and Middle East.


Our Vision

Our vision is to homogenize quality cultures and conceptions in order to create premium quality networks consisted of those professionals who are dedicated to continuous improvement and quality control, with mutual interest and scopes. Transfer and diffusion of knowledge and specialization by our Inspectors and Auditors, is significant, especially to young professionals who are interested in quality services, whereas dissemination of quality and certification culture is continuously expanded and broadened through our projects’ experience exchange among various stake holders of certification  services, worldwide. Customer’s commitment in quality is, furthermore, rather critical in such «experience exchange» throughout the certification and conformity assurance process.


Swiss Approval International aspires to be an alternative and innovative solution in the fields of Inspection, Certification and Quality Approval, offering high level of assessment and certification services, combined with the prestige of Swiss culture, strongly connected to accuracy and impartiality.
Company CEO