Dear Visitor,

Swiss Approval International is looking for professionals in the below fields, exclusively for:

- The US market.

- Emerging markets under Free Lancer status.

- European Market.

International Quality / Management Systems Auditors:
University Degree, IRCA or equivalent Lead Auditor Diploma in the related field, five (5) years working experience. English language at proficiency level.


Inspection Personnel: AWS/CWI or equivalent, NACE Inspectors. NDT level II: RI-MT-VT-UT-PT


Welding Coordination Personnel: Welding Engineer - IIW / EWF qualified or MSc in Welding Technology.


Hospitality Expert:
Diploma in Hospitality related discipline, five (5) years experience in the Hospitality sector.


Health Care Authorized Auditor: 
Doctor or Nurse with five (5) years of working experience in health care services. English language at proficiency level. Specific auditing training is provided by Swiss Approval International.