The Governing Board is acting on behalf of the Company on the Operations and Processes, the Development of New Markets, the Technical Competence of inspection and Audits, as well as the overall monitoring on operational, structural and technical level, regarding the International Market.  

Dr. Claudia Mika, Medical Tourism Managing Director

Dr. Claudia Mika is the Founder and CEO of Temos International GmbH, a spin-off of a German governmental research organization.

Since 2004 she has been working on the Temos certification systems, assessing hospitals, rehabilitation centers, reproductive care centers, and dental clinics worldwide according to the Temos quality criteria for international patient management that were developed together with leading travel health insurances and assistance companies.

Due to the Temos quality certifications of internationally oriented medical institutions and supported by Dr. Mika’s consultancy work for the implementation of international patient departments in medical facilities all over the world she is very well grounded in medical tourisms topics. She has been working with more than 150 hospitals and medical facilities worldwide from Brazil to the Philippines.

Dr. Mika has been regularly invited to international Medical Tourism Conferences and advises different associations and governmental institutions regarding medical tourism issues. She developed the guideline “International Patients Department Processes” for the Turkish Ministry of Health.

In 2002, Dr. Mika received the “Young Researcher Award” of the European Space Agency. She held guest lectureships at PUCRS University in Porto Alegre, Brazil, and at the University Hospital in Aachen, Germany. Since 2007 she has also supervised several tele-education courses that brought doctors and medical students from various international universities together via videoconference. In 2011, Dr. Mika received the “High Potential Company Award 2011”, funded by the European Union.

Since 2013 Dr. Mika has been appointed to be one of the judges for the International Medical Travel Awards, an independent and objective set of awards for the medical travel and tourism industry.  

Since January 2014 she is the Vice Chairwoman of the Diplomatic Council Healthcare Forum.

In 2017 Dr. Mika was awarded the Dr. Sanjiv Malik Lifetime Award for her significant contribution to the development of medical travel and medical tourism over many years.

For the 2018 Dubai Health Tourism Forum she was recently appointed as a member of the Scientific Board by Dubai Health Authorities (DHA).

Dr. Claudia Mika, is a Managing Member of the Governing Board of SWISS APPROVAL INTERNATIONAL, having the overall Group responsibility for the Medical Tourism Business Strategy.

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SPYRO C. KERKYRAS, MEng / Mphil - Research and Development Managing Director

Received his Master’s Degree from the University of Patras after a five year course in Mechanical Engineering in November 1988. Following University Diploma, he started research work at Heriot-Watt University in Scotland in the area of Acoustic Emission, Sensor Development, Signal Processing, Machine Diagnostics and Monitoring and received the Degree of Master of Philosophy in November 1991.

Since 1993 was providing services to  Hellenic Petroleum SA in Greece in the area of Inspection and Quality Control in Petrochemical Industry. From 1995 to 2011 was Inspection Manager of Aspropyrgos Refinery.

During this period he has performed, planned, contacted and supervised inspection of HEL.PE Aspropyrgos Complex Division during several Major Turn Arounds (1995, 1999, 2004, 2009 and 2011) and numerous other smaller Shut Downs including also on-line inspections for the period. Aspropyrgos Refinery facilities, includes distillation, flexicracking Units, Power Generation, a tank farm of over 100 cylindrical tanks and 10 spheres.

He was also involved in the audit, maintenance and inspection procedures and evaluated static equipment condition, in other petrochemical industries being involved in Due Dilligence processes on behalf of HEL.PE [in Bulgaria Pleven Refinery and Kalvacha Gas]. 
He is specialized in inspection, supervision and control in the Petrochemical Industry, Power Generation and Transportation, particularly in Non Destructive Testing including Acoustic Emission, Vibration Monitoring, Materials and Welding Technology including repair procedures, Fitness for Service Techniques, Field and Vendor Inspection. 
Familiar with industrial practices, codes and standards as ASME, API, ASTM, Exxon Global Practices, Exxon Construction Manuals, Exxon Inspection Manual, etc.
He is an ASNT SNT-TC-1A Level II in Radiographic Interpretation, Visual Testing and UT Inspector.
He has also been involved in the field of Condition Monitoring of Rotating and Reciprocating machinery and has performed data acquisition of vibration and Acoustic Emission Signals from all kind of rotating and reciprocating machinery. He has developed innovative Signal Processing methodologies and algorithms during his involvement in 14 EU/UK R&D Projects funded by the EU or UK government, applying them on-site in Refineries, Wind Turbines and Transportation, including trains and naval, applications.

From 1998 to 2014 has also been involved in the management of Feldman enterprises Ltd, providing services and R&D products in the area of Predictive Maintenance and NDT.

He is author/co-author of 23 Conference and 3 Journal papers in related sectors.

In the SWISS APPROVAL INTERNATIONAL Governing Board, has the overall Group responsibility for Research and Development activities, including European Funds exploitation.

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Dr. MAANI GEORGE - Middle East and Gulf - Oil and Gas Industry, Managing Director  

More than 30 years of industry experience, including over 20 years of management positions, in various computer systems’ design and management projects, with a specialised knowledge in quality assurance tools in accordance with international standards and technical specifications.

Moreover, Dr. George Maani has got over than 20 years of academic educational experience, twice served as Department Chairman, mainly lecturing on computer systems’ curriculums.

Furthermore, he has a significant international working experience in various countries around the world, such as Lebanon, Singapore, Australia, USA, Qatar, Arabian Gulf, and has published more than 30 technical articles in international magazines and registered internationally five Patents.

As Managing member of the SWISS APPROVAL INTERNATIONAL Governing Board, Dr. George Maani has the overall responsibility of Oil and Gas Industry business development, for the area of Middle East and Gulf.

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Mr. TAHAN NADER - Inspection Technology Solutions Managing Director 

Material science Engineer, holding MSc in “Material science engineering, metallic materials selection and production technologies”.

With consistence engagement in the International market, to Nissan in Japan, Henkel, Hemmelrath, Kluthe from Germany, Renault CAFV in France, Bostik from UK as well as US experience in construction sector, Nader Tahan has achieved a high level of technical and management background.

Also Engaged, in the Iranian Research Organization for Science &Technology (I.R.O.S.T.) in various positions, such as Technical expert, Head of the laboratory for metals testing and analyzing, Head of the materials department and Head of metals testing and Metallographic laboratory.  

Strategic and Planning Chief Officer as well as Research and Development Manager, in the Iranian Standard and Quality Inspection Company (ISQI).

ANB Chief Executive Manager in the Iranian Welding Research and Engineering Institute, under the authority of the International Institute of Welding (IIW).

Since 2001 as Lecturer in the Mechanical and Material Science Engineering faculties of the Islamic Azad University, Dezful, Iran having authored significant technical publications in his field of expertise.

As Managing member of the SWISS APPROVAL INTERNATIONAL, Tahan Nader has the overall responsibility for innovative Inspection Technology Solutions, with emphasis on the Non Destructive Techniques processes and methods for metallic constructions.

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Mr. TZAFERIS MELETIOS - Business Development Managing Director

Mechanical Engineering by Rome University (Italy) and MSc in Quality Management by Cranfield University (UK).

Since 1990  exercised duties as CEO in the Hellenic Association for Quality and subsequently in TUV Rheinland Hellas SA.

For the period 2004 – 2009, member of the Greek Government as General Secretary of the State, in the Ministries of Health & Social Solidarity, Ministry of Development and Ministry of Tourism Development.

Moreover, he has worked internationally in the private sector, as a specialized professional in the Industrial Inspections sector, while officiates as Executive Secretary of the ANB Greek Welding Institute, member of International Institute of Welding (IIW) and European Welding Federation (EWF), representing Greece in the General Assemblies of IIW and EWF as well.

Tzaferis Meletios as Managing member of the SWISS APPROVAL INTERNATIONAL Governing Board has the overall Group responsibility for business development and New Branches setup, for Europe, US and Asia.

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