Swiss Approval International is already present in 8 Countries in 3 Continents and principally active in South – East Europe, Middle East and the US.

Our target is the expansion of Swiss Approval International in Asia and South America, and, also, its establishment in new emerging markets.

With more than 150 professional Engineers as full time Employees, our company’s strategic goal and central focus is to establish solid partnerships and entrusted corporate relationships, the framework of which will be a continuous added value interaction resulting to benefits in the customer’s outcome.

This added value of Swiss Approval International services is based on both, acquisition of internationally recognized and highly trusted certificates, as well as on our investment in technology transfer, properly designed to ensure the continuous improvement of quality and services process, always responding to the customer’ s demands.

The cooperation framework and interaction with our customers, is gradually expanding into new areas and fields, since the unified Quality and Safety pathways become even more important for both parties. The outcome of 15 continuous years of our activity is that over 2000 large-scale and medium- scale/ small companies rely on us, and more than 3000 individuals requested our services in order to meet their needs.