Magnetic particle testing [MT] is the most sensitive method with respect to surface cracks and can be used in complex geometry of materials and on unfinished surfaces.

MT is used for magnetic (ferromagnetic) materials e.g. steel and iron.

The individual magnetization methods and the principles behind magnetization and demagnetization will be dealt with in this training course. Particular importance will be attached to process monitoring and checks on inspection equipment. Evaluation techniques typically used in the various industrial sectors will be presented along with the bodies of standards currently applicable.



  • Safety Precautions
  • Scientific fundamentals of magnetic particle testing
  • Device engineering relating to magnetic particle testing
  • Monitoring and surveillance of magnetic particle tests
  • Evaluation of magnetic particle testing indications
  • Bodies of standards relating to magnetic particle testing
  • Specimen and flaw analysis with regard to magnetic particle testing
  • Evaluation of discontinuities
  • Reporting



Exaninations will take place after training completion, according the EN ISO 9712 (EN 473), and following a sucessfull examination, the related Diploma / LEVEL Certificate, will be issued.




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