Healthy visitors, and tourists, people who travel either for leisure or for business purposes, worldwide, guests and visitors have the right to feel safe and properly treated in the case of an emergency or healthcare problem that may occur during their stay abroad or during a public event. All guests have the right to entrust and rely on the Enterprise premises and structure, regarding their health integrity and safety.

Massive gatherings and events taking place with great attendance are also considered as critical instances where «Blue Service» should be applied.
In all such cases, the combination of out -hospital medical care, emergency care, disaster and public medical care potential needs, provides a challenge which should be effectively satisfied for ensuring social safety.

The scope of «HSTAR- I» Conformity Assessment Criteria is to assure effectiveness of the services in the context of healthcare emergency cases’ management and intermediate response to acute health problems for any «Hospitality Enterprise» delivering services’ to their guests and visitors, defined as «Blue Service».

Swiss Approval International has the copyright of HSTAR1 Blue Service conformity criteria framework, since December 2014

The «Enterprise» under the perspective of «HSTAR I» qualification and certification, does not undertake responsibilities related to medical services and does not subsidize the role of any medical care provider, but is aiming to assure effective implementation of health and safety procedures, for all guests and visitors.

Certified «Enterprises», according to «HSTAR I» Framework, are registered to the related database of SWISS APPROVAL INTERNATIONAL INSPECTION AND CERTIFICATION BODY, gaining a unique code for the identification and verification validity of the relevant certificate.




The standard has been developed by the contribution of highly experienced professionals from the fields of hospitality, quality systems’ assurance and acute medical care management, following the principles and recent trends of conformity criteria formulation and verification standardization frames.
The H STAR I standard is divided to 5 discrete chapters


«HSTAR-I» Service Organization and Structure (CHAPTER 1)

The scope of this chapter’s provisions is mainly the verification of the applicant enterprise’s legal and appropriate operation, under the national and international regulatory frame that is currently valid. In addition, the organizational and establishment criteria of the essential partnerships to support the Blue Service throughout the enterprise premises and establishments are described. The operational duties and elements that accompany the Blue Service implementation are also referred to verify the proper methods of responsibility and delegation.


«HSTAR-I» Human Resources Requirements and Management (CHAPTER 2)

Human resources’ organization and performance is a key factor for the realization and conformity to the standard’s requirements. This chapter’s main objective is the provision of evidence for the related personnel competence and preparedness to follow the standard’s principles and therewith satisfy the purposes of  Blue Service.


«HSTAR-I» Safety Measures for Guests and Visitors (CHAPTER 3)

Safety is the main goal to be achieved by the standard and the applicant enterprise should be able to prove life safeguard for all guests and/ or accommodated customers. Basic elements of physical safety are requested as minimum but at the same time adequate level of safety and procedural adequacy.


«HSTAR-I» Technical and Operational Quality Processes (CHAPTER 4)

One of the major processes that have a substantial consequence to the fulfillment of the Blue Service scope is the Hospitality Blue Code procedure which is asked to be effectively applied throughout the enterprise structures. Related informative material to satisfy the guest’s awareness and guidance, are furthermore essential.

In this chapter the evidence of the above ‘alarm’ procedure is required to be verified.


«HSTAR-I» Records and Confidentiality Policy (CHAPTER 5)

All required criteria and operations in the frame of the standard should be proven through related documents and traceable procedures that are followed and realised in the daily life of the enterprise.
The incidents that are managed by the Blue Service should be traceable and thus, documented through a transparent and specific system of records.

The requested training elements by the standards should be also recorded in a standardised way.
The impact of the Blue Service provision to the customers’ considerations and needs’ coverage is a dimension which should, furthermore, be systematically monitored and evaluated.


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